W.O.D.: F T/TT Day 1 Week 9

Saturday, August 25, 2012 • EnduranceF, Stamina


For Quality:

10 - 9 - 8 - 7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1


Ring Dips

This workout is NOT timed so you have no excuse for poor mechanics!


3+ Hours BEFORE CFE Strength & Conditioning WOD. Follow with S&C Recovery.

Single-Sport (SS)

Choose ONE of the following sports:

Swim (SUN): 45 minute TT

Bike (SUN): 30M TT

Run (SUN): 10M TT

C2 Row (SUN): 60 minute TT

Ruck (SUN): 8M TT with boots/utes; load for ruck/vest is athlete's choice

Post sport and distances/times to comments.

Multi-Sport (3S)

Choose ONE of the following sports:

Swim (SAT): 1500m Tempo @ 85% of 1500m TT pace or 8 x 200m on 3:45, hold splits within 3-5 seconds

Bike/Run (SUN): Bike 10M + Run 5k Brick TT

Note: The Bike/Run brick is designed to be one Time Trial with the events performed back-to-back. Athletes should practice transition skills.

Post sport and times/distances to comments.


This can and should be done the day of races, after long runs, or on Sundays after interval work.

Glute Ham Developer Sit-ups (make sure you are extending knees aggressively to come up. your quads should also burn on this) 3 x 15, Glute Ham Developer hip extensions (hamstrings and butt should burn), Kettlebell/Dumbbell swings 3 x 15, Bench Press, Pull-ups. All exercises with light : medium weight. 3 sets! Reps are until you feel burn in target area or prescribed amount. This is not a timed WOD.

Win a trip to San Francisco to train for 1 day (individuals raffle) or have Brian do a 1 day clinic at your Gym (affiliate raffle)

CrossFit Endurance & WellnessFX: The Wrap-Up

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Comments (8)

Brad Williams
on Saturday, August 25, 2012 at 07:12 am
8/25/12 WOD
Week #2 cadence run this morning for a warm-up, then 1 hour spin class which was threshold intervals, and finally 5K run after; 30 minutes. 5-6% incline, 6-6.3 mph, and 85-88 cadence.

Getting better with turnover. Which work on it more for warm-up tomorrow and next week. Strength & conditioning later on...
on Saturday, August 25, 2012 at 11:25 am
10M in 83:55 (PR of 1:35)
Daniel Smith
on Saturday, August 25, 2012 at 01:30 pm
Run today!
5k run this morning! It was kind of a spur of the moment type deal. Wife gave it the Okay and so I registered. Hard week of training so I was wondering how I would do.....overall did pretty great! Placed second overall with a time of 17:50! No PR by any means but great fun run!
Really need to get my self In gear and get some more long intervals in like the 2X2 miler or some mile repeats. Get my body used to the distant speed portion. Thanks for everything CrossFitEndurance!!
on Saturday, August 25, 2012 at 04:30 pm
RE: Run today
Nice job may not have been a PR, but was it a PR for having a week of hard training? Do you have any action shots from the race?
on Saturday, August 25, 2012 at 05:12 pm
Swim (SAT): 1500m Tempo @ 85% of 1500m TT pace
Jake Fisher
on Saturday, August 25, 2012 at 08:11 pm
Daily Results
Apparently, I passed a gallstone last night -- it was a near-death experience (I thought an alien was hatching from my tum-tums) ... A doctor at CFL this morning checked my gallbladder and it was a wee bit sensitive -- BUT, I still got a PR even w/ poor sleep & feeling like poop this morning...

STRICT PRESS (ME) 125# PR! +5#
>> 95(4),105(3),115(3),125PR(1),125,125

WOD - For Time:
21 Shoulder Press (95/65)
Run 400m
21 Push Press (95/65)
Run 400m 21
Push Jerk (95/65)
Run 400m
= 10:20 Rx'd @ 80-85% RPE
>> SP+RUN = 3:33
>> PP+RUN = 3:24
>> PJ+RUN = 3:23
on Monday, August 27, 2012 at 02:54 pm
WOD (scaled ring dips) (chair support) 18m32s
on Monday, September 03, 2012 at 12:37 pm
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