SEMINARS: CrossFit Endurance Seminar

September 27-28, Calgary, AB Canada

CrossFit AL South
4615 112 Ave SE,
Calgary AB T2C 5J3

Start and end time: 8 am to 4 pm each day with a 1 hour lunch break.

The CrossFit Endurance Trainer Seminar (2-Day)

The CrossFit Endurance Trainer Seminar consists of 2 powerful days of getting faster, stronger, and increasing overall fitness & performance by improving your running mechanics and moving more efficiently. Led by one of our head coaches, you'll get an in-depth education into the CrossFit Endurance Methodology, running skills & drills, and the opportunity to be video taped and evaluated each day of the seminar.

This course is a great compliment to the CrossFit Level 1.

A CrossFit Level 1 certificate is NOT a prerequisite to attend an Endurance Seminar.

Who Is The CrossFit Endurance Trainer Seminar for?

The 2-Day Seminar is ideal for CrossFit coaches, strength & conditioning coaches, and leaders of local running groups. If you are a serious endurance athlete you may also want to check out our two day course, especially if you are planning on writing your own (or others) training programs!

How Much Does It Cost?

The CrossFit Endurance Trainer's Seminar (2-Day) is $595 USD.

Which Certificate Will I Receive?

To receive a trainer certificate (2 Day Seminar) you must have the distinction of CrossFit Trainer.

This is achieved when passing a CrossFit Level 1 written test.

If you have not passed a CrossFit Level 1 written test you will receive an attendance certificate.

If you pass a CrossFit Level 1 written test after attending an Endurance Seminar you can request an updated certificate for the Endurance Seminar you attended.

After receiving your CrossFit Level 1 written test results email the below information with your updated certificate request.

You will need to request an updated certificate you will not automatically receive one after passing a CrossFit Level 1 written test. It can take 6-10 weeks to receive your certificate.

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