There are elements in the S&C wod I’ve never done before. Where do I find how to do them?

Visit our demonstrations page

Is there a CrossFit Endurance Team in my area?

Do a team search here 

Why 3+hours between the CFE S&C WOD and Endurance WOD?

We recommend a minimum 3+ hour recovery time for that reason, RECOVER! The intervals are meant to be done at high intensity. If you do the CFE WOD 10 min after the CFE S&C WOD, we can promise you that your workout will suffer for it . The second wod will not be of the quality and intensity that we would like to see. We do understand that you can only do what your schedule permits, but back to back WODs will not be at the prescribed intensity level for both wods.

It is a great misunderstanding to think one has the ability to perform this workout and a CFE S&C wod back to back.

Rest days aren't the same for CFE S&C and CFE?

Rest days on the programs are not the same for a couple reasons. Tempo/TT days are done on a CFE strength& CFE S&C off day. The tempo/TT wod is the focus for that day.

Single Sport and Multi Sport athletes use this programming and have different needs and training protocols.

Pay attention to your energy levels and performances on wods. Schedule complete rest days as you need based on your performance level on all wods and your energy levels throughout the day.

What distance race/event does the site prepare me for?

The site is programmed for the masses. The site does not prepare for a certain distance race or event.

I am in the military and I need to ruck/run in boots/carry logs long distances : should I do this in addition to the running?

No: the same principles apply. Go short, and go hard. Learn the technique, then do it fast, then you can do it long. Ruck marching long distances has more to do with muscular endurance than with cardiovascular fitness. Muscular endurance can be trained more efficiently by CFE S&C Wods than by walking for miles.See the Military Prescription for more information.

Look for an additional military oriented workout per week.

I am a barefoot runner, how should I change the running workouts?

Don't. Your only consideration would be to ensure that some of your training volume be conducted on a training surface that reflects the surface where you wish to compete. For example, don't run solely on grass if you expect to run a marathon on hot concrete. At the same time, you don't have to conduct all of your training on concrete, just enough to prepare your feet.

How do I start?

See the Getting Started page to begin using CrossFit Endurance as your training.

What does WOD mean?

Workout Of the Day

What should I be doing for warm up?

Strength and Conditioning
Warm Up: Mobility DROM:
Dynamic Range of Motion Exercise specific skill work, warm up/ramp up of weight and intensities. The shorter the workout, the longer the warm up.

Run: 1/2 mile easy jog
3 sets of 3 different CrossFit Endruance Running drills of choice with brief (100-200m) jog increasing to sprint between each. Follow with 3 sprints <100m. 80%, 90%, and 100%.
Recover completely and begin workout.
Run Warm Up

500 easy swim
3 sets of 3 different CrossFit Endurance Swimming drills of choice with brief (25-50m) easy increasing to sprint between each. Follow with 3 sprints <50m 80%, 90% and100%
Recover completely and begin workout

1/2 mile easy spin
3 sets of 3 different CrossFit Endurance Cycling drills of choice with brief (100-200m) spin increasing to sprint between each. Follow with 3 sprints <100m 80%, 90%, and 100% Recover completely and begin workout

C2: 500 easy row 3 sets of 3 different rowing drills of choice. Follow with 3 sprints < 100m 80%, 90%, and 100%. Recover completely and begin workout.
Rowing: Warm Up

You are ultimately going to need to find out what works for you, but it sure helps to model some of the world’s best athletes.

If you are looking for drill examples visit the sport tech pages linked at the top.

How should I start incorporating CrossFit into my workout plan? I tried CFE strength& CFE S&C wods and I can't do more than one WOD a week because I am so sore!

Start with the 6 week program from the June Competitor. You can download for free here. This will help to transition your training to CFE. Once completed you can start with the CFE S&C wods & CrossFit strength wods on the home page of this site. Take as much recovery as you need. When that is completed begin working with the wods on the site. Shoot for one day on then the prescribed schedule based on Single Sport and 3 Sport (multi sport) Athlete. Add 1 short interval Endurance Wod the first week. If ready add a Long Interval Endurance Wod the second week. If ready add the tempo/tt wod the third week. For multi sport athletes add 1 sport at a time. Add an additional sport when you are able to handle more wods in the week. Progression is KEY when building to the prescribed number of wods in a week. Work up to being able to do 3 Strength wods & 4-6 CFE Strength& Conditioning wods per week with the Endurance Wods . This process may take a month or more. Do not rush your body. Allow it to learn what you are now demanding of it. Your body will adapt. Don't assume you need to do a lot of sport specific training. We have plenty of elite level athletes who do CFE S&C wods& CFE strength wods more than they train for sport. Your number one goal should be to do CFE S&C 4-6 times per week with 3 strength wods. 2nd goal is to have the ability to do 2-3 sport specific workouts per week ( 1 short interval, 1 long interval, 1 tempo/tt wod for SS). Tempo or Time Trial days are ALWAYS on a CFE S&C rest day. Take the time to learn the skills, or in some cases relearn them.

How should I plan my week?

Strength: If you feel you would like more, have a lack of, or need more work in strength training these wods post 3 days a week.
ME: Max Effort. Usually consisting of working to a 2 rep max. If you feel you can get a 1RM PR then do so, if not, it is not necessary.

DE: Dynamic Effort. Usually 2 reps at 50-70% (not limited to these) done as fast as possible. Think of a ball bouncing off the floor. You may choose to utilize bands, chains, boxes, boards, or whatever your little heart desires to mix it up and add to either of these. Remember ME is Max effort and DE is Dynamic and for speed!

The 3rd strength wod is ME or DE. This will vary by week.

CFE S&C:  Post 4-6 days per week.  WODs are not posted every day. Follow as close to prescription as possible. Scaling is a MUST for the intention of sticking to standards of movement. Most of these workouts are intended to be less than 10-15 min with lots of intensity (but NOT limited to these time domains). If you are weak in one of the 10 general physical skills (see the CrossFit Journal!) specific movement / exercise, time domain, focus on this until you are good at it. This means you get more involved with your programming.

Skill: If you are not warming up properly, doing skill based work for each and every element of the program or gymnastics you are not following the site as intended. Everything you do should involve technique training, warm up, and cool down based on the movements you are performing. There is more work involved here than just lacing up your shoes and running 2-3 hrs at a time.

Endurance WODS:


Single-Sport (SS) endurance workouts are programmed on TUESDAY, THURSDAY, and SUNDAY. However, to provide individual flexibility, these workouts are posted each day. Athletes can change the template days as needed.

To keep the integrity of the program and maximize results, stick to the programmed template as close as possible. If you move an endurance wod move everything from that day to the new day.


Multi-Sport (3S) endurance workouts are programmed on specific days of the week (varies depending on the week) to balance volume and ensure proper recovery. To provide individual flexibility, the workouts are posted each day. Athletes can change the template as needed. If you move an endurance wod move everything from that day to the new day.
To keep the integrity of the program and maximize results, stick to the programmed template as close as possible.

The days within a week that (SS) and (3S) endurance wods are programmed is noted in parentheses:

"Sport (DAY)"

For example, "Swim (MON)" for a (3S) athlete denotes that the Swim is programmed for Monday.

For 3S workouts on the weekend, the athlete will sometimes have the option of performing an interval OR a stamina-based workout in the form of a Tempo or Time Trial effort. This option, if available is as noted:

"Sport (FRI)"

"Sport (SAT or Tempo/TT)"

"Sport ( Tempo/TT)"

A sample Multi-Sport (3S) week template may look like this:

Swim (MON)

Run (TUES)

Bike (Wed)

Thursday (OFF)[The recovery day will vary by week]

Friday: Interval [Sport will vary]

Saturday: Interval OR Tempo/TT [Sport will vary]

Sunday: Tempo/TT [Sport will vary]

Use at your own risk, and remember… Have FUN!

The rest day for the Endurance WOD will change by week.
A short and long interval may not be programmed for each sport each week depending on when the rest day occurs.
Tempo/TT are on a S&C rest day.
Tempo or TT varies by week.

Use at your own risk, and remember… Have FUN!

What type of shoes should I wear?

Racing flats or as little a shoe as possible. Most companies have low profile models.

Studies demonstrate that barefoot runners are more efficient, and have a lower rate of injury in their lower limbs. A good introduction can be found at


DC Shoes: Flat and provide enough cushion to generate force in Olympic and weightlifting movements, including having the ability to box jump, jump rope and run anything under 800m in effectively. Converse All Stars

Weight Vests which do I use?

Visit Rogue Fitness for different options available for weight vests. Gradually increase the amount of weight you train with. There will be an adjustment time when first adding weight to your wods.

I would like more information on SMR (Self Myofascial Release)

Use the following link to Network Fitness which has demo videos and many resources on how to perform SMR.

Also, refer to the Mobility WOD posted by Kelly Starrett.

I registered for the forum and haven't received confirmation yet. How long does this take?

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If you did not completely fill out the registration and answer all questions your registration will not go the approval step.

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