Why Should I Start Training This Way?

Are your times CONSISTENTLY getting faster at ALL distances (what was your last 5k time compared to a year ago)?

How high can you jump? (Many marathoners cannot jump onto a 12 inch box.)

How many push-ups/pull-ups/squats/etc. can you do? We can do more.

Have you, or are you, suffering from chronic-use injuries (plantar fasciatis, IT Syndrome, runners knee, etc.)?

How many hours do you train per week?

How many hours does your spouse/family wish you trained?

This program only requires 6-8 hours per week to COMPETE at Ultra/Ironman distances.

How do I start?

See the Getting Started page to learn how to correctly transition your training to following CrossFit Endurance.

Why are there no long runs/rides/swims(aerobic training) in this type of training?

Long runs/rides/swims fall into the category of training we term "long slow distance" (LSD) and is solely aerobic in nature.

Aerobic training has the following benefits and drawbacks:


*Increased cardiovascular function

*Better fat utilization

*Greater capillarization

*Increased Mitochondrial growth


*Decreased muscle mass

*Decreased strength

*Decreased power

*Decreased speed

*Decreased anaerobic capacity

*Decreased testosterone levels


It is apparent that the many drawbacks of LSD training easily overpower the limited benefits. It is our contention that limiting an athlete's exposure to LSD training will not only allow them to remain functionally competent in other areas of fitness and competitive in aerobic endurance pursuits, but DOMINATE in ALL areas of fitness.

I am not interested in doing CrossFit. Can I do _______ program instead? What about bicep curls standing on BOSU balls?

CFE strength & CFE S& C wods ARE the workouts and training for this endurance program. IT IS NOT A SUPPLEMENT TO THE PROGRAM. Therefore, if you are not willing to do CFE strength & CFE S & C wods, you are unlikely to see the benefits from this program.

Studies show (Explosive-strength training improves 5-km running time by improving running economy and muscle power. J Appl Physiol. 1999 May;86(5):1527-33.) that explosive, anaerobic training improves endurance capability.

I am training 10-20+ hours a week, I don't think I can put any more training time in, so how am I supposed to do CFE S&C and this running program?

We are glad you have realized this. We are not asking you to put this on as an ADDITIONAL training method, This is ALL the training that is required. Therefore, change your daily workouts to the WODs from this site (and rest if it is a rest day), and then follow the CrossFit Endurance WOD for your sport specific training. See the “Getting Started”page for how to start.

I am a recovering LSD Addict, where should I start?


SKILL: We use run, bike, and swim technique principles that have proven to decrease injury and increase performance. It applies to all sports and the principles are transferable. Work on basic motor skills for your sport.

Running: We teach and practice running mechanics based on several proven methods.

If you are not running this way you are hurting yourself and hindering your performance.

Go to a CrossFit Endurance Seminar

Swimming: We teach and practice swimming mechanics based on several proven methods. If you are not swimming this way you are hurting yourself and hindering your performance.

Go to a Swim & Performance Seminar

Cycling: We teach and practice cycling mechanics based on several proven methods. If you are not cycling this way you are hurting yourself and hindering your performance.

Go to a CrossFit Endurance Cycling based Seminar

How am I going to become efficient at running if I am not running long distances?

The answer to this question has two parts : One refers to the concept of specificity and one is about third wave adaptations.

Specificity is the physiological theory that one must train a specific muscle/movement in order to develop strength and efficiency in that muscle movement. To avoid third wave adaptations CFE Strength& Conditioning does not have specificity to produce athletes that are "generalists" rather than specialized in one area. By doing CFE S& C WODS you will retain the generalist approach. While completing focused anaerobic endurance training you will develop the third wave adaptations necessary to become efficient at your sport/s.

Third wave adaptations occur through repetitive exposure to movements. These allow the body to become extremely efficient at movement. The traditional belief in endurance training is that the more you run, the more efficient you will become. This is not correct. Studies show that running economy will be improved more through anaerobic training than endurance training (Explosive-strength training improves 5-km running time by improving running economy and muscle power. J Appl Physiol. 1999 May;86(5):1527-33.).

Stamina replaces LSD or aerobic training!

Why is there so much anaerobic/sprint/speed work if I am going to run/ride/swim in a long endurance event?

Anaerobic/sprint/speed work, often thrown in at the end of many traditional training programs as a supplement, incorrectly assumes that this type of training is of limited value.

"Anaerobic Training" has the following benefits and drawbacks:


*Increased cardiovascular function

*Decreased body fat

*Increased muscle mass

*Increased strength

*Increased power

*Increased speed

*Increased anaerobic capacity


*Intensity can speed up overtraining


Anaerobic training encapsulates training the Adenosine Tri-Phosphate (ATP), ATP / Phospho- creatine system, the lactic acid system, and the aerobic system through various methods that stress one system, two systems, or multiple systems.The time length of the individual efforts combined with the rest periods between efforts determines the system/s stressed. The systems overlap and "feed" into each other. Notice that as you are training all three anaerobic systems you are SIMULTANEOUSLY training your aerobic engine!

Studies demonstrate that the adaptations caused by anaerobic training are similar to high volume endurance training, however, this adaptation comes at much lower training volumes! (Similar metabolic adaptations during exercise after low volume sprint interval and traditional endurance training in humans. J Physiol. 2008 Jan 1;586(1):151-60. Epub 2007 Nov 8.)

Since I don't want to put a lot of muscle on for my endurance events, should I use very light weight when doing the CrossFit Endurance S&C workouts?

NO! CrossFit Endurance S&C improves work capacity across broad time and modal demands by providing a constantly varied stimulus that often requires your body to work at maximal capacity. By lowering the weights below what you can safely handle with good form (at maximal capacity it is normal for your form to falter a small amount), you will never reach the intensity necessary to provide the type of systematic stimulus we are looking for.

My performance seems to be not as good since changing over to this training what should I do?

The drop off is normal. There is an adaptation phase towards doing each of type of these WODS in a day. Keep an eye on your nutrition, if its not ON, get it dialed in! Pay attention to your energy and if you need more rest... Take IT!! 3- 4 months is a good marker. We've seen much less and much more. You will have to judge it as to where you feel comfortable.

What are the signs of overtraining?

Not sleeping, eating, mood swings, you are pushing as hard as you can and getting medicore/ poor results. There are an infinite number of signs for overtraining. Be aware of them, and know that you are responsible for understanding this. More is not better, and rest/recovery is the reason you get faster.