Endurance WODS

SS = Single Sport

3S = Three Sports / Triathlon/ Multi-Sport

SI= Short Interval

LI= Long Interval

m= Meter

M = Mile

y = Yards

' = Feet
@bodyweight= load your body weight to the bar

BW= body weight Load your body weight to the bar

m/y = Meters or Yards

10" = 10 second rest

90” = 90 second rest

C2 = Concept 2 Rower

TT = Time Trial=  A  measurement of maximum work capacity/power output over a set amount of time or distance.  The time trial is often called the race of truth.  It is done alone and should be re-tested under similar conditions and the same distance/time. 

Tempo= Reduced but consistent pace for time or distance. 100% is all out effort, 90% is a 10% pulled back effort. Range between 85% to 95%.

RPE = Rate of perceived exertion , See RPE scale below.

Tabata = 8 rounds of 20 seconds on 10 seconds rest, maximal effort.

On the Minute = Start each set at the beginning of a new minute.

On :45 seconds = You have 45 seconds to perform the distance & rest. You start each set on :45 second interval.

Deviation Window: Sports will list a deviation window with the phrase, "Hold within," (for example, 2-3 seconds or 3-5 seconds). All efforts for that particular sport should be kept within this range to work on pacing.

Hold within 2-3 seconds: The difference between your fastest repeat and slowest repeat should be 3 seconds at most. You are looking to repeat the same times with a small, if any, deviation in times. This teaches pacing.

Fouls = To be done at end of workout. If you foul more then once, you get 2 min. recoveries before you need to start new foul(s).

AMRAP= As Many Rounds As Possible

AFAP= As Fast As Possible
Rx = as prescribed

"Unbroken" = if you come off the bar, you start that element again until completion

Strength and Conditioning WODS

# = lbs

Pood= A Russian unit of weight equivalent to about 16.4 kilograms (36.1 pounds) 1 pood, 1.5 pood, 2 pood are common

Accommodating Resistance = Use of bands and/ or chains

OHS = Overhead Squat

Lifts are listed as number of sets then reps. Ex. 3x5, meaning 3 sets of 5 reps.

1RM = 1 rep max

% percentage of weight will be listed for personal and individual strength programming.

ME = Max Effort= Typically working to a 2 rep max for 5 sets but not limited to that example. If 1RM PR is there take it, if not don't.

DE= Dynamic Effort = Typically taking 50-70% of 1RM for that exercise and moving through exercise with maximal speed (controlled!). Usually 2-3 reps on 90sec - 30sec interval

Ground to Overhead = The weight starts on the ground and you get it overhead, however you like. Could be either a snatch, a clean and push-press, or a clean and jerk.

"Double Up"= Up and back only touching a toe to the ground before ascent.

CFE Warm Up

RPE Scale

The CFE Military Prescription