CFE will help you maintain an excellent level of fitness in all aspects. Walking around in full kit, or standard 12 mile in under 3 hours road marches should be realitively easy and pain free (provided you have conditioned and calloused feet). Even longer road marches at an easy pace would be good. CFE will also provide you with an excellent base for more specific training, like for a ruck based selection. I have been following CFE for over a year, mainly to prepare for races, but I also find myself among the top physical performers in my platoon.

Chris P.

I was in Afghan for a 7 month tour used CF prior and CFE during the tour and didn't struggle on the BG Ops and that was carrying 30-40kg and weapon systems when patrolling (64kg BW). Trained in between Ops in Kandahar at the Canadians Gym and there were dozens of guys n gals using CF/CFE!
IMHO I believe CF/CFE is hands down the best system for Military Personal, as the strength training gives you the ability to carry weight without the onset of muscular fatigue that a pure CV training regime allows. I found I was as fast over the ground but didn't find myself "breaking" down under the weight as much. Back, shoulders, hip flexors, glutes, and abs all work hard with a pack on but CF/CFE prepares you easily for this stress. Also, the heaves/ring dips also came in useful for scaling compound walls/vehicle mounting dismounting etc.
Finally having suffered thru some killer WoD's I felt uber confident in my fitness prior to "going on the ground" which is a great feeling.


Now almost a year later I am proud to report the results, we went from me checking onboard and taking over the course seeing 4 months of 34% attrition due to running related injury by week 3 to.. wait for it.. 0.. we now lose an average of 1 out of every three classes (made up of 25, so one of 75 pax) due to "running related injuries" which really comes down to they did not take proper care of themselves. Upon investigation, each instance has been a lack of MFR, compounding injuries, no use of massage therapy, poor diet, poor tech.. and even at that we are only loosing 1 out of 75. These are people coming into the SPECWAR community for the first time, some with limited experience to running and the 10 physical skills as CF'rs we cherish. As far as their scores.. well they definitely speak for themselves.. now many articles have already been published by military orgs showing how much better the function fitness works then the traditional training so I will leave out those stats unless you're interested.. however we have had massive changes in body fat percentages, muscle gain, virtually 0 injury, invaluable knowledge imparted and new CFE and NSW athletes forged with significant accomplishments across the 10 physical skills. Congrats and thanks from all of us for having built this program.

Kristofer J Chester

 CFE Programming has been remarkable. I have been using it with my Infantry squad and have had remarkable results. In a short period (3.5 months) we have been active with this programming it has not only taken my Soldiers, but myself to extraordinary gains. From guys not being able to finish a standard 35lbs, 12 mile, 3 hour ruck march to guys exceeding the 3 hour standard by almost 15 minutes. My best performer finishing 30 minutes below standard in  a short period of time. The most important factor to be taken into account is not the time these guys finished in. It is the fact I have not had a single injury during training which we  know is far far far too common with Soldiers when training for our specific endurance event particular to our job. i.e. 5 mile runs in 40 minutes or less, and 12 mile ruck marches. Shin splints, none. stress fractures, none. Bum knee's, none or the occasional "My back hurts"... not a single one. In turn my Soldiers had to be put down for 0 recovery time due to a injury. Which in turn paid off in more time for training. Short version: This shit works.