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Why 3FU3L?

Because we compete in all kinds of sports (remember, everyone who formulated 3FU3Ll isn't just a coach, but a competitive athlete), we wanted a product that would fuel all kinds of events, over the most extensive range of duration and intensity. This is more difficult than it seems, because over different times and intensities, the body constantly shifts from the use of one fuel source to another.

The Solution...

What's the solution? After half an hour, triglycerides (fats) begin to contribute almost as much (~50%) as carbohydrates to the body's energy production, and after another hour, protein begins to make a substantial contribution as well (up to 15%). So if you're relying on the wrong ratios of macronutrients, or not using the right micronutrients, you're not going to be producing enough energy to maintain optimal performance. Think about it - if your body is relying on nearly 50% fat to sustain its efforts, why are you only drinking carbs during your training or competition? And if you're going to burn protein, why isn't your preworkout (or intraworkout) drink supplying you with any?
Trust us, we've been there: we've taken 3FU3L on the road, with us on the bike, on the mat and on the field. It works or we wouldn't be using it.

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Directions for use: Mix 1 serving (2 scoops) with 16-24 oz of water. We recommend taking one serving prior to training or competition so you can fuel yourself immediately and start the recovery process right away. Another serving can be taken immediately after, if desired.
For longer efforts, use 3Fu3l during training and competition by taking one serving every 60 – 90 minutes.
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