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SKINS - A400 Mens Long Tights (Black/Yellow)

style B40001001

Run faster, play harder and workout longer whatever your sport. SKINS A400 Men's Compression Long Tights supercharge your performance naturally. Dynamic gradient compression accelerates your blood flow to deliver more oxygen to your active muscles – giving you a secret edge over the competition.

With 400 fit and dynamic gradient compression, you'll notice improved power, as well as less post-exercise muscle soreness.

In addition, bio-mechanically placed Memory MX fabric around the knee, the ITB band and TFL muscle group provide constant, controlled compression and unrestricted movement to help you to avoid the muscle damage that you sustain while at play – but only notice when you cool down.

Fast wicking technology transports moisture away from the skin and helps regulate body temperature. Permanent antimicrobial treatment and UPF 50+ provides all round protection.

Now you've got yourself a pair of tights to help you perform at your ultimate best.

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