In preparation for some of the activities, drills, and changes that will be worked on with run mechanics/technique we recommend that you start doing the following so that your body is prepared for this challenge.

Up your box jumps, double unders, and jump roping. Start jumping rope 2-3 times per week barefoot for 5 min (increase time as cert nears) during some of your warm ups.

Open up your calves and feet, especially target the achilles tendon and plantar fascia.  Use of a lacrosse ball is a key to open your calves and feet.
Below are links to the Mobility Wod posted by Kelly Starrett which target these specific areas:

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Episode 218/365: Mum, Dad, Don’t Stretch That, It’s Evil

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Episode 224/365 Pulling The Sword From A Poor Position, and Your Transition Part 1

Episode 233/365: The Ball and Your Back + Space Mountain MWod

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Episode 241/365: Sumo and medial Chain Business

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Episode 293/365: Haiku Winner, Travel Ideas, And Your Feet

Episode 305/365: Solving Problems With The Tunnel: The Foot Strike

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What Does That Heel Spur Likely Mean?

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Episode 361/365: Pathomechanics and IT Band Hell Part 1

Episode 361: Pathomechanics and IT Band Hell Part 2

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Adaptation Error: No Cool Down

Warm Up: Brian MacKenzie Running Warm Up

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Free Your Calcaneus

Jill Miller Ankle Mob

High Hamstring pain and Trigger Points

TJ Murphy of Competitor Magazine complied a great list of MWODs for runners

10 Best MWODS for Runners


Cycling MWods

Episode 135/365: Badass American Cyclist Mobility- Levi Style

Episode 301/365: Psoas Flossing and Biker Hips


Swim  MWods

Episode 93/365 Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer Internal Rotation

Episode 140/365 Water Polo Shoulder

Episode 216/365 Games Workout #3 Prep Upper Body 

The Missing Shoulder Corner, Volleyball and Katie Hogan Part:1 

The Missing Shoulder Corner, Volleyall and more Katie Hogan

Jami Tikkanen

Foot Ankle Mobility

Mobilizing the Knee Joint

Spending time doing this will help you to be the most prepared you can be entering our seminar.

Many other shoulder MWods as are posted on the MWOD.

Spending time doing this will help you to be the most prepared you can be for our seminar.