I was off the bike for 1 year, I thought I would give the CFE-cycling program a shot. I followed it for 2 months without fail, along with the CrossFit program. I was freak’n impressed with the weekly gains. I got final confirmation when I did my first group ride, of 86 miles, in over a year…..I was not only hanging on, but taking my pulls, chasing down breaks. While I didn’t have much of a sprint at the end, I was pumped just imagining the possibilities that lie ahead.
I’m 45 years old and raced for many years starting at the age of 19, but the responsibilities of life slowing diminished the opportunities to ride 10-15 hours/week (…of course my mentality has changed) and race. So you have to understand, that the CFE has given me a spark to entertain the idea that racing again is possible.

Jonathan Lopez –

I just wanted to say thanks to you folks. I stopped pounding myself relentlessly with high mileage and started using the WODs from Crossfit Silverback combined with your endurance WODs to prepare for the Big Bend 50K. This was my first 50K ever and probably my 6th or 7th event similar in distance to a marathon. My pace wasn’t as fast as what I would have normally run a marathon but I took the time to photograph the scenery and people on the course. I also backed off because I’ve only been following your programming for a few months and truly wasn’t ready for this distance. However, it was a testament to CF in general that I was able to do this event and walk away with minor soreness and looking forward to getting back to the local box. My time was 5:11:52 and like I said I stopped along the way and took about 4 dozen pictures of the Big Bend National park scenery and other people in the race. My son (15) who also goes to CF Silverback decided two nights before to run the 25K. He finished in 2:29:00 and is excited about the next adventure we have planned.

All in all, I just wanted to say thanks. Thanks for putting your heart and soul into your site. You are changing lives. My son and I look forward to attending one of your clinics in the near future.

Richard and Chris Douglas –

I attended the Crossfit Endurance certification in Atlanta (2009) and I must say it remains one of the most outstanding certifications I have ever attended. The depth of knowledge brought to the table by the CFE team, as well as the careful planning, and attention to detail was professional, thought-provoking, and resulted in almost immediate changes in my skill set. The physical and anatomical analysis of the running stride, coupled with real-world principles of programming, nutrition, and recovery/rehabilitation make this certification a must for any trainer or coach who is seriously committed to making his or her athletes better. The thorough training and video-feedback on the Pose technique helped me quickly reduce my Helen time significantly, take over a minute off my best one-mile run, take over almost five minutes off my best 5K time, and, more importantly, helped me overcome my distaste for running. At Crossfit Hattiesburg, we employ techniques acquired at the Endurance Certification to the betterment of our clients every single day.

James W. Moore, Ph.D. –

Wanted to send a thank you for all your doing for the endurance community. I was injured during a 50 mile run in Aug and didn't really have the ability to train much during the fall. On only two weeks of CFE training I completed a 50k on some very difficult terrain. 9,000 ft of elevation gain and 9,000 ft of loss over 31 miles. After such a long time off of serious training it was reassuring to know that I could get in good enough shape to finish the race due to the genius of CFE. Thanks again and I look forward to some fast finishes this season with CFE training as my guide.

Peter Deiwert–

San Antonio r&r 1/2 marathon 1:53 A PR by 27 min. Started CF in June. I had completed 3 fulls and a handful of 1/2s at that point, but had not made much in terms of time gains. With CF and paleo my body fat is down from 22% to 13% and I felt great.

Jim Augustine –

This past weekend I competed in the Ford Ironman in Florida. I trained 7 to 8 hours a week which is unheard of for doing a Ironman rather than the usual hours and hours (15-20 hours a week) of LSD training. This was my fourth Ironman, but first which committed to using CrossFit Training. I was over an hour faster than my last Ironman with a time of 10 hours 53 minutes. And, felt stronger as the day went on. Running a 3:51 marathon and never doing more than 10 miles in training. With a family and business this is a perfect training program! Quality training and recovery. So basically, Crossfit works! High intensity, less time= progress. I would recommend it for anyone from elite athlete to someone looking to ramp up their fitness program.

Bill Curcio–

I just wanted to drop a line and give the CFE program a shout out for helping me achieve a PR last Sunday in the Detroit Free Press International Marathon. I ran the Chicago Marathon last year and trained using the traditional long, slow distance training program. The miles took a toll on my body, and I struggled through IT band problems that plague so many other runners when logging a high amount of mileage. I was completely worn down by the time race day came around,and I struggled through the last 15 miles and took a couple weeks to fully recover. After the race, I was ready to swear off distance running and stick to half marathons and 5K’s, but this summer I got the itch to run another 26.2, but knew I had to rethink my training.

I have been CrossFitting for a while, so I decided it was time to drop the traditional training and go with CFE. I did regular WODs at Atlas Crossfit here in Chicago, and knocked out the running WODs from the CFE website at the local track on Lake Shore Drive. I felt great going into the race and managed to shave 23 mins off last year’s time to finish at 3:23:35.I also recovered much faster than last year, and will be in the box tomorrow to knock out a WOD just acouple ofdays after the race. Thanks guys.

Brett Cheaney–

So, I received this invitation to attend the Newport Beach introductory running seminar. I had been free loading Crossfit certs for some time and have been able to absorb Brian and Mike’s POSE lecture at least 3 times. At first I thought, “What is the seminar going to give me that I haven’t already seen?” Then I decided why not just roll up to Newport anyways on the off chance that Annie, Eva, or Nicole would be there so I can get my picture taken! Well, it turned out to be the best random decision I have made in a while. The cert blew all expectations away. From the special presenters to the video analysis to the people attending; it was an eye opening event. Just understanding the simple ‘Do it Right, Do it Faster, Do it Longer’ training mindset has changed my outlook on training across the board. Ok, I’ve run fairly decent in the past, but now I run smarter, more efficient, more relaxed, with less recovery time, and a lot cooler looking. But, the best part of the seminar is how the methods and models presented can be extrapolated into so many other physical disciplines, especially but not limited to the cardio respiratory / endurance arena. My rowing, swimming, and hiking performance has benefited significantly. Even when I am doing my grocery shopping I find myself trying to apply some form of this POSE system and training mindset. I’ve shown this technique to many of the Marines I serve with and already see significant improvements in attitude, performance, and training. Hands down, this is a must do seminar. I still haven’t been able to thank Brian and Mike enough for inviting me.

Capt. Brian Chontosh

Brian MacKenzie brings a standard into running technique that I had never acknowledged. He is able to change his students’ running for the better in a very short time. The changes I have seen in my clients that he has worked with is amazing. He has made people who literally shuffle down the road look dynamic and athletic in their running….and the botton line is that their overall power output and fitness improves. I highly recommend investing time with this man if you are at all serious about performance and elite fitness.

Andy Petranek
Petranek Fitness, CrossFit Los Angeles

For me, running has been a part of life and sport since I can remember, just as now it’s a regular part of my CrossFitting. The strange thing is that it’s never been an element for which I had any skill training or notion of technique. Just go out and run. Duh. How hard could that be? Well, your certification cleared that up – running well, efficiently, with good technique, while remaining injury free can be as hard as any of the other technical skill aspects of CrossFit. Its something that requires practice, not just training. Thank you for bringing to light many of these technical aspects and giving me something to practice when I go out for a run!

Eva Twardokens
2x Olympian
World Champion Bronze Medalist
6X National Champion
World Technical Skiing Champion
2007 Masters Olympic Weightlifting Champion

I didn’t know what I was missing.

When I first heard about this Running and Endurance Certification I was only thinking how this was against what most of CrossFit stood for – comparing multi-hour events with the typically sub 30 minute workouts found in CrossFit. Now that I have seen what Brian and Mike bring to CrossFit I see now “I didn’t know, what I didn’t know”.

The biggest area I have observed in my running was the reduction of muscle fatigue in the middle of a workout. Secondarily would be the improved recovery time to run again or perform another exercise.

If you haven’t been to this yet, “You don’t know what you’re missing.

Steve Tankersley

So, the last time I saw Ironman Coeur d'Alene was in 2006. It was halfway through the run, a balmy 95ish, and I was handing my timing chip to a volunteer; I was done. After feeling sorry for myself for a while, then second guessing my decision to quit; I decided I needed to make a change in my training. I was the classic long and slow triathlete with maybe a little intensity thrown in now and then. I had definitely plateaued, if not started the decline down the other side. I needed a shock to the system.

When I saw Brian's presentation at a Pose Clinic, I knew that was the road I needed to follow. Carl's been kicking my ass ever since, and I love it. The transition has been tremendous; every second of training has a purpose. I have been progressing through the system, and I have become almost addicted. I watch all the videos, I subscribe to the Crossfit Journal, I've changed my diet; I strive to improve every workout, every movement.

This is all great, but I started doing this to improve my triathlon racing. So, I toed the line on Mar 29 at the Oceanside Ironman 70.3 not really knowing what to expect. I mean my longest bike was only a 25 mile time trial. I ended up PRing the race by about 1 1/2 minutes. My previous best time was from this race in 2003. Sweet, I'm getting better with age. I was back to racing again, not just surviving. Three weeks later I did an International distance race, and took off about 5 minutes from the previous year. I felt great in the race.

In less than two months comes Ironman. A completely different monster. Anything can happen. There is still plenty of work to do, but I believe in the system; I trust in Carl's direction. Thanks to everyone at CrossFit Newport Beach, especially Carl, for taking me in and getting me ready.

Thomas Saeman

As an exercise physiologist and life long athlete, I can attest that this training provides results like no other I have ever experienced. From collegiate swimming to participating in endurance triathlons, I have never seen such dramatic improvements in all aspects of my fitness. Because of the knowledge I gained while studying exercise physiology, and my own experience in multi sport training, I must admit I was very skeptical at first. It took a couple of races and training runs/rides to see the amazing results!! I am running faster now than I ever have in my life. (YES– in my life and I am almost 48 years old) I have had PR’s in 5k, 10k, & 10 mile runs since doing this type of training. I have routinely been able to cover long distances without building up slowly like I used to do. And the biggest surprise is that I have no soreness the next day no matter how high the intensity or how long the duration. It sounds too good to be true but in this case IT REALLY IS TRUE!! And you will never find more enthusiastic and encouraging instructors.

-Janine S.

Coached by Amy Jo Butteri

Learning to run POSE was a challenge (still is) although I am a much better runner because of the training. When we started I never thought I’d be able to run a full 6 miles as I could barely run 1/2 mile without stopping. Before I started training with you I had bad form and was slow, slow, slow; you have video to prove it! I competed in my first triathlon on Sept 7 and was 2nd in my age group. I finished the sprint distance in 1:18:03 with a run time of 21:20. On Sept. 27 I finished the Orange Co. International Tri, olympic distance, in 2:33:57 with a run time of 48:46 good enough for another 2nd place finish. The run was very hard but I just kept pulling up those feet and managed the 10th best run time out of 145 women aged 49 and below. I would never have been able to run this fast and efficient without learning POSE.

Thanks again,
-Regina Froemling


"It's been a long road getting here and I have to say that I've never seen progress like this on any other program, so we're in the right place."
Pedro Alberni